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Self assessment questions - the testme program

This program provides you with a random selection of questions for each chapter (apart from chapter 1) in Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism, 5th edition (D A Bender, CRC Press, Boca Raton FL, 2014).

In each case the question consists of a statement to be marked true or false.

When you have given your answer you are asked to assess your confidence in your answer, on a scale of:

1 = Unsure - you know you are more or less guessing. You score +1 if you are correct and 0 if you are wrong

2 = Fairly sure. You score +2 if you are correct and -2 if you are wrong

3 = Very sure. You score +3 if you are correct and -6 if you are wrong.

The idea of this marking scheme is to make you think about how confident you are in your knowledge. Are you really sure, or would you like to check in a book. (This is especially important for medicine and other health professions - before you write a prescription or offer advice, do you need to check the dose, or are you really sure?). This confidence-based marking scheme is based on the work of Professor Tony Gardner-Medwin of UCL in developing LAPT - click here for more information on confidence-based marking from his website.

Down load a zip file containig the program, question banks, imnages and support files by clicking here. This is a 2.7 MB file.

You may upload these files on your university or other network for teaching purposes, and under a creative commons licence you are permitted to modify any of the question banks, etc, but I must ask that you respect my copyright and acknowledge my original authorship. You may not use these programs for any commercial purposes.

It is easy to edit and add questions to the banks, and to add new question banks. Click here for notes on adding to and editing the question banks.


This page updated August 15, 2017