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Popular and general writing

D. A. Bender (1970) Home Economics Quarterly Review of Nutrition and Food Science 21: 12 - 14. Enzymes in the kitchen.

D. A. Bender. Articles for Intake, published by Abbott Laboratories Ltd as a supplement to the British Medical Journal. Each article was some 1500 - 2000 words long:
· 1977 How fresh are the foods on your table -
· 1978 Why do people eat what they do -
· 1978 Drug-induced malnutrition
· 1979 The effects of foods on drug action

D. A. Bender. (1979) 16,000 words on general topics in nutrition in Start Living Now !, Lyric Books Ltd, London.

A. E. Bender & D. A. Bender. (1980) 20,000 words on general topics in nutrition in The WHO Encyclopaedia of Health, Salvat Editores SA, Barcelona and Editions Grammont SA, Lausanne.

D. A. Bender & P. J. Edwards. (1981) Wildlife in the Suburbs 2nd Edition, Published privately by The Selborne Society Ltd with a grant from the London Borough of Ealing Arts Lottery Fund.

D. A. Bender (1983) New Home Economics 29: 7 - 10. The what and why of sweeteners.

D. A. Bender (1984) Pharmaceutical Journal 237: 637-639. Who needs vitamins - a guide for pharmacists.

D. A. Bender (1989) Booklets on nutritional topics for Elite Medical / Health Information Network (each about 12 pp):
· Vitamins: all the facts clearly explained
· High dose vitamins: do they help-
· Minerals: all the facts clearly explained

D. A. Bender (1996) Wildlife in the Suburbs, 3rd Edition, published privately by the Selborne Society Ltd.

D. A. Bender (1997) Vitamin B6, Nutrition and Food Science 128-33.

D. A. Bender (1994 – 2003) Editorial consultant and contributing author on nutrition and agriculture, Encarta International English Edition, Microsoft. The Microsoft Encarta International English Edition contains articles I have contributed on: food additives, food hygiene, food labelling, food legislation, food poisoning, genetic modification of foods, chocolate, dairy products, reference nutrient intakes, dietary fibre, UHT treatment, Listeria, E. coli.

HealthWatch position paper on multivitamin supplements ( supplements.pdf)

HealthWatch position paper on trans-fatty acids ( fatty acids.pdf)

D.A.Bender (2014). Nutrition: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press.




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