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Practice calculations

This page gives you access to a series of small programs that will allow you to practice common biochemical and physiological calculations. Each time you run one of the programs you will be given a different set of values. You should attempt each step of the calculation, then click the button to see the answer, together with the working. When you have understood how the answer to that part of the calculation was reached, click the button to hide the answer, and the next part of the problem will appear, together with a button to see the worked answer. When you have finished the problem only the "end" button will be visible.

You can download the complete set of calculations programs in a zip file by clicking here, (this is a 3.4 Mb file)

The programs are provided under a Creative Commons Licence. You are free to modify any of the theory pages, but I must ask that you respect my copyright and acknowledge my original authorship. You may not sell any of these programs or associated theory files.

Alcohol consumption This program helps you to calculate how much alcohol a person has consumed, what the blood concentration of alcohol is at the end of an evening's drinking, and how it will be before s/he is legally fit to drive.

Body fluids This program helps you to calculate total body water, extracellular fluid, plasma and total blood volume from the plasma concentrations of antipyrine, sodium thiosulphate and Evans blue after intravenous injection of an equal amount of each.

CachexiaThis program helps you to calculate the increase metabolic rate and energy deficit of a patient with advanced cancer who is losing weight (i.e. some-one who is suffering from cancer cachexia)

Enzymes This program helps you to use the Michaelis-Menten equation to calculate how much substrate will pass through each branch of a pathway when two enzymes with different values of Km and Vmax compete for the same substrate.

Slimming This program helps you to calculate the effects on body weight of reduction in food intake and exercise.

Spectrophotometry This program helps you to calculate the amounts of tyrosine and tryptophan in a solution from their different absorbances at 280 and 295 nm, and to calculate the molar extinction coefficient of a protein containing different amounts of tyrosine and tryptophan.

Sprinter This program helps you to calculate the extra energy expenditure involved in gluconeogenesis from lactate after sprinting - the metabolic basis of oxygen debt.

Treadmill This program helps you to calculate energy expenditure and the use of aft and carbohydrate as fuels for muscle work when exercising on a treadmill at different speeds.


This page updated November 14, 2014